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19 março 2010


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Since its my spring break... I was hoping to be a shut in this week, and keep
my pasty complexion. BUT. IA being down just HAD to make me go out into the
natural world, and get REAL light. And work MORE hours. and be an overall
HEALTHIER/MORE productive person. *sigh* I don't know how much longer I
can go on being productive and healthy! This stuff is hard!
ANYWAYS, I hope IA takes their time actually. idc if its down for another
month. I'll find something else to occupy my time till then! Just... make
sure when you come back online... they're not so many bugs that you'll
have to go down for maintenance again 2 nights later... ... AND! have
windows 7 support, please! Cause I swear... If I get into a game...
and it gives me that error message again... I'm going to double face palm, so hard.
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